About Me

I’m a talented hairdresser with over 5 years of experience, I’m based in Wollongong and I’m passionate about transforming all types of hair. With my expertise, I can create statement colours and stunning haircuts that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

Why I Love what I do!

I love colouring hair because it allows me to work with my clients to create a look that is uniquely theirs. I enjoy taking the time to listen to my clients’ needs and preferences, and then using my skills to bring their vision to life. You can’t have a amazing colour without a just as amazing cut! Hair has never been just a job, it’s a passion that runs much deeper for me, it’s a way to connect with people and make them feel great about themselves.


Why I love Working with my Clients

For me, the best part of being a hairdresser is the opportunity to build relationships with my clients. I love getting to know them and hearing about their lives, and I feel honoured to be a part of their beauty journey. I believe that the key to great hair is understanding my clients’ individual needs and preferences, and I strive to provide a personalised experience for each and every one of them.

My Passion for Hairdressing

I’m passionate about hairdressing because it allows me to be creative and express myself. I love the process of transforming a client’s look and seeing the joy on their face when they see the final result. For me, hairdressing is not just a job, it’s an art. I am constantly learning and growing, and I am dedicated to providing my clients with the best possible service.


Monday - Tuesday

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409 Princes Highway in Corrimal, NSW 2518

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